Introducing StyleShoots Live

Fashion content so fast it’s almost live.
Create stunning footage of your models for web, social media and signage in minutes. Stills. Video. All in one smart studio.

One machine. Infinite possibilities.

StyleShoots Vertical & Horizontal
Product Shot Solutions

Integrated Photo Studio for fashion.
Simple, Fast, Efficient and Consistent.

On-Model Photography

Model Mapping
Our service converts your On-Mannequin Images to On-Model Images.


Ghost Mannequin
Modular Ghost Mannequins greatly reduce the time required for post processing of images.

StyleShoots Overview


Amplify Your Photo Production

Learn how the StyleShoots all-in-on photo systems can streamline your fashion photography workflow.  Create web-ready images in 60 seconds. Easy to use i-Pad interface and auto background removal provides the fastest most efficient method of creating high quality images immediately ready for web deployment.

User Spotlight


Creating America’s fastest fashion content

How America’s mom-friendly eCommerce outlet powered up their high scale photography process even further to get thousands of products online a day by using StyleShoots Vertical and Horizontal machines.


A factory of fashion photography

Using StyleShoots as part of a high-scale embedded photography studio to reduce time to market and triple the content output for a leading US retailer.

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