Cloud Studio
Automated On-Model Photography

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In the world of fast fashion, one of the biggest challenges companies face is the ability to reduce the time from concept to sale.  Cloud Studio significantly supports your efforts to reduce your go-to-market time by:

  • Empowering you to get your on-mannequn images converted into on-model images seamlessly.
  • Giving you the flexibility of choosing the model and pose of your choice.
  • Saving up to 70% on your photography and imaging costs.
  • Reduced dependency on model availability.

We take care of the details do you can focus on what’s most important to you- sales!

How it works

Create multiple model images from a single mannequin shot

Create multiple poses from a single mannequin shot

Same dress, different body size. No problem

Get 3 dimensional model images from mannequin shots


  • Faster Time To Market
    No need to wait for model photography to list your items online. Avoid unnecessary inventory costs and missed sales opportunities on the latest trends!
  • Models On Demand
    No more struggle to find models near to a remote warehouse. Easily source the best talent from anywhere in the world wherever and whenever you need it.
  • Significant Cost Savings
    Model shots can be produced at a fraction of the traditional cost due to reduced labor, higher efficiency and process automation.
  • Quality & Consistency
    A dedicated quality control executive is assigned to each account to ensure image quality and consistency on per with traditional model photography (or higher)
  • Higher Page Conversion
    On-model shots increase e-commerce page conversion vs. flat or mannequin shots, leading to higher online revenue & sales.
  • Simple Image Capture
    Apparel shots can be taken directly by the stylist without assistance from a technician, hair stylist, makeup artist, etc.


Automated On-Model Photography Overview