Photo Machines For Fashion

StyleShoots state of the art machines come with everything you need to take beautiful shots of your clothes — simple, fast and efficient.

From award winning touch controlled LED lighting to industry standard Canon hardware and a luxurious, heavy-duty build quality, StyleShoots’ professional photography machines are designed from the ground up to revolutionize the way you get amazing images of your products online.

Mannequin to Model Conversion Service

Model Imaging Simplified

Focal Media Group provides our clients with a service that will convert product images shot on-mannequin to the same image mapped on to a real model.  This service greatly reduces the costs and time associated with setting up and executing live model photo shoots.  Enhance the value of your existing database of on-mannequin images, or start creating new on-model imagery faster , more efficiently and at a reduced cost compared to traditional methods.

Ghost Mannequins

To See Or Not To See

Specifically designed for the StyleShoots Vertical system, these ghost mannequins were developed to enable quick and easy photo production for your online shop.  Precise construction and versatility make photography even easier with the Ghost MNQs and Magic Mannequins.  The result is maximum time savings in post production, extremely quick setup and configuration.  Integration of ghost mannequins with the StyleShoots system will result in a positive impact on your bottom line.