StyleShoots Horizontal & Vertical

A professional fashion ecommerce photography studio.

Running an eCommerce photo production studio isn’t an easy task. That’s why the StyleShoots state of the art all-in-one photo machines come with everything you need to take beautiful shots of your clothes — no technical knowledge needed.

From award winning touch controlled LED lighting to industry standard Canon hardware and a luxurious, heavy-duty build quality, StyleShoots’ professional photography machines are designed from the ground up to revolutionize the way you get amazing images of your products online. Fast, Simple, Consistent

Industrial design. Unparalleled build quality.

Bespoke engineering down to the last screw.

StyleShoots machines are the product of high-end Nordic design philosophy and bespoke engineering — down to the last screw. That means all wires and custom electronics are safely enclosed within a heavy duty, powder-coated steel chassis along with all the hardware you need for the busiest studio environments.

Achieve the premium look to your garments that your brand deserves. Acid-etched glass panelling with industry-leading LED backlighting sits in front of an embedded Canon EOS 5D Mark III with a motorized zoom lens. Now you can get best-in-class photography without having to deal with a studio set-up full of exposed wires and tripods in the way.

Amplify, simplify and turbo-charge your workflow.

The machine that works around you.

Creating professional quality photo content for your eCommerce store is a long process. That’s why StyleShoots machines are built with speed and simplicity in mind.

Take a photo with one touch and set presets to automatically push your shots to a post-production folder. An included iPad barcode scanner makes things even quicker.

Our machines support almost every image file format and integrate painlessly with any existing infrastructure so you don’t need to worry about overhauling your IT systems or workflow — instead you can empower it.

Auto Alpha™.

StyleShoots’ proprietary background removal technology. Multiple shots are taken, assessing over 40 million pixels to create a true alpha transparency mask.

Color accuracy.

The system calibrates itself to ensure best possible results based on light settings and environmental conditions. Combined with high CRI lights, you get best-in-class images.

Live View.

See a live preview of what your product is going to look like. Use overlays in real time to lay out your shots to achieve maximum consistency and save time on getting the perfect shot.

Barcode scanner.

Scan your tags directly from the iPad. The code becomes part of the file name. You can then set your DAM or CMS to parse the name and put each image in exactly the right spot.

Remote file access.

Every machine comes with a shared storage volume called StyleShoots Drive for your internal network. Transfer files manually or set up scripts to push images to your CMS.

Batch File Export.

Have your files automatically exported in an infinite amount of customizable presets. In PNG, JPG, TIFF or RAW. Even toggle exports on and off on the fly to match your needs.

Single point of contact.

The Focal Media Group  support team can remotely troubleshoot any issues your system may have and have you back up and running in no time — so you don’t lose productivity.

Software updates.

Just like your computer or phone, your StyleShoots machine can get new features and bug fixes via its internet connection. It just keeps getting better over time.

Get tactile. The world’s only photography machine controlled by iPad.

No buttons. The world’s first photography machines that can be controlled solely using the included iPad to preview, configure and take amazing shots in real time.

Take control of your lighting.

Award-winning adjustable lighting.

Award winning custom-made Rotolight full spectrum LEDs. Touch, swipe and control global light balance like never before to bring out the finer details in your coats, shirts, dresses — you name it.

Using our custom software, photographers and stylists can directly manipulate global light balance by swiping a finger up, down, across or diagonally over the iPad’s live view.

Drive conversion with consistency.

Sell more of your clothes online.

When uploading numerous products to your web store every week, it’s no surprise that they can sometimes end up looking different over time — making it harder for customers to compare and decide on the clothes they want.

Hold your eCommerce store to a platinum standard. Both StyleShoots Horizontal and Vertical machines are designed to keep every shot consistent whether it’s a handful or hundreds.

From creating camera presets to using overlays with the built-in iPad app, your stylists can achieve world class consistency with the ease they always dreamed of.

Our Machines

StyleShoots Horizontal

StyleShoots Horizontal is designed for flat lay and tabletop eCommerce photography. Make perfect flat lay collages, shoot childrenswear and get your clothes to stand out, laying down.

Acid-etched and durable glass panelling means less cleaning, no fuss and most importantly — no fingerprints. So you can focus on styling and forget the rest.

StyleShoots Vertical

Using StyleShoots Vertical alongside our selection of ghost and magic mannequins for product photography you can achieve the perfect invisible mannequin effect by removing modules individually.

Mechanical. Rotate, position and lock your mannequin into place with our custom-designed caddy that disappears in shot to give you eCommerce ready images in seconds.

Optimize Your Workflow

Shoot handbags, shoes — you name it. Custom LED backlighting removes the background in-shot so you can get great up-close images.

Move, rotate and lock mannequins into place. Our proprietary tech removes the visible caddy automatically in-shot so you don’t have to worry.

A selection of premium mannequins made for StyleShoots Vertical machines means you can get an invisible mannequin effect.

Book a web demo.

See the photo magic with your own eyes. Live.

Remotely watch Horizontal and Vertical machines in action live from our studio with your own personal consultant.

See how the machines are used and discuss your needs at length to make sure StyleShoots is the right solution for your eCommerce photography.


  • Canon EOS 5D Mk III Camera
  • Canon 70-200 L lens w. motorized zoom (24-105mm STM on Horizontal)
  • JPG, PNG, TIFF and RAW file export
  • 5x Rotolight Anova Solo K5600 with AccuColour™ (4x for Horizontal)
  • Embedded Mac mini running Auto Alpha™ processing algorithm
  • Apple iPad with StyleShoots app included
  • Dimmable LED backlight panel with custom glass black/white diffuser
  • Premium quality canvas canopy
  • Barcode scanner capability via iPad



241 cm / 95 inches
395 cm / 156 inches
182 cm / 72 inches


Height 260 cm / 102 inches
Length 282 cm / 111 inches
Width 216 cm / 85 inches